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3 Things I Learned Last Week #54 – How to Truly Improve, Learn, and Live

Welcome to the 54th edition of “3 Things I Learned Last Week”! 🌟

Strap in, folks, because this newsletter isn’t your grandma’s email chain about forwarded jokes (although, let’s be honest, those can be a hoot). This is your one-way ticket to Insight City, population: you (and a few thousand of your closest friends who are also on this journey of discovery). Each week, I dive headfirst into the sea of knowledge, and let me tell you, it’s deeper than my coffee addiction on a Monday morning. I’m here to share the sparkly treasures I find with you, hoping to light up your brain and maybe even your soul. So, forward this to your pals, your mom, or that one coworker who always sends the best memes. They’ll thank you later!

Here’s the scoop for this week:

  1. The Myth of Self Improvement
  2. Learn ANYTHING Quickly (Spoiler Alert: It’s Science-y)
  3. The Art of Slow Living: Because Rushing is So 2019

Let’s jump in!

🧠 The Myth of Self Improvement

Ever feel like the quest to be your Best Self™ is actually making you feel like your Worst Self? You’re not alone. Turns out, the modern marathon of self-optimization might just be the villain dressed as a hero in this plot. Drawing from the wise words of Michel Foucault and Erich Fromm, it looks like the secret sauce to happiness is less about relentless self-improvement and more about chilling out and enjoying the ride. Who knew?

🔑 Key Takeaways (or “The TL;DR Version”):

  • Trying too hard to improve yourself can actually bum you out.
  • Embracing spontaneity? Good. Doing stuff just because it’s fun? Also good.
  • Being open and curious might just be the key to feeling like you’re living, not just existing.

🎥 “But wait, there’s more!” on self-improvement’s plot twist here.

📚 Learn ANYTHING Quickly (Using the Latest Science) with This Life Changing Book

This book is like the Swiss Army knife for your brain, equipped with all the tools you need to hack your learning process. We’re talking ninja-level strategies like retrieval practice, spaced repetition, and the mysterious art of interleaving, all backed by science so you know it’s legit. And with a side of, you’re basically turning your brain into a superhero of knowledge.

🔑 Key Takeaways (The Brainy Bits):

  • Learning strategies that sound like workout techniques but for your brain: retrieval practice, spaced practice, and interleaving.
  • Sleep isn’t just for beauty—it’s also for brainy.
  • is like the gym for your mind, but more fun and less sweaty.

🎥 Dive into the brain-boosting world of learning strategies here.

🌿 The Art of Slow Living

Remember when “busy” was a badge of honor? Yeah, let’s leave that in the past with low-rise jeans and dial-up internet. Slow living is all about savoring the moment, finding joy in the little things, and basically being the tortoise in a world of hares. Turns out, slowing down might just be the cheat code to being more creative and fulfilled. Who’s rushing now? Not us.

🔑 Key Takeaways (Slow and Steady Wins the Race):

  • Rushing = Out. Chilling = In.
  • Being real beats being busy.
  • Mindfulness isn’t just for yogis; it’s for creators, thinkers, and anyone who wants to enjoy life more.

🎥 “But how?” you ask. Learn about embracing the slow life here.

And that wraps up this week’s edition of “3 Things I Learned Last Week.” If these tidbits of wisdom have tickled your fancy, sparked a thought, or just made you chuckle, then my work here is done. Keep that curiosity alive, and who knows what you’ll discover next?

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Here’s to a week overflowing with learning, laughter, and maybe a little bit of lounging around. Because remember, slow is the new fast.

Cheers to expanding horizons,

~ Nathan

The author partially generated this content with GPT-4 & ChatGPT, Claude 3, OpenAI’s large-scale language-generation models. Upon developing the draft, the author reviewed, edited, and revised the content to their liking and took ultimate responsibility for the content of this publication.






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