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3 Things I Learned Last Week #31 – Decoding Success, Time, and Continuous Learning

Hello, curious mind! 🧠

Pardon the interruption from your previously scheduled cat video or comfort-food recipe hunt. Just me, Nathan, trying to sprinkle a bit of “woah, I didn’t know that” into your day.

In this weekly dispatch, I go full-on Sherlock, sifting through the web’s densest jungles (some call them “resources”) and serve up the juiciest morsels of wisdom. Why? To inject some surprise into your week and maybe — just maybe — to make you the star of your next virtual water cooler chat.

Got your coffee? Good. Perhaps a pastry? Even better. Let’s unravel this!

🚀 The Secret Sauce to Success

Ever gaze up at the stars and wonder, “How can I be the Beyoncé of my industry?”

Well, Ali Abdaal’s video, a crib note of “The Diary of a CEO”, might just have the answer.

🔑 Bite-sized Wisdom:

  • Think of career growth like filling a fancy cocktail: knowledge, skills, network, resources, and reputation. But watch the order you pour!
  • Treat yo’self. No, seriously. Your well-being? That’s the golden goblet. Fill it up with physical and mental self-love.
  • Heard of the Kaizen approach? It’s not a new sushi roll; it’s about small, consistent growth steps. Yum!

🎥 Give me the Success Recipe!

🕰️ That Time-Defying Productivity Trick

Longer hours = more stuff done, right? WRONG. Let’s redefine “productivity” with a less-is-more, James Bond kinda vibe.

🔑 Bite-sized Wisdom:

  • Focus on the 3 E’s: elimination, energizing efficiency, and espresso (okay, maybe not the last one but it helps!).
  • Squeeze, don’t stretch. Compress work and see efficiency soar by up to 500%. Not a typo.
  • Think Tetris, not tornado. Slot tasks into set hours and get that sweet work-life harmony.

🎥 Let’s redefine hustle, shall we?

📚 After Hours: Turning Netflix Time into Wisdom Time

Who said school’s out forever? (Okay, maybe Alice Cooper.) But, learning? That’s a forever gig. Let’s learn how to juggle binge-watching and brain-boosting.

🔑 Bite-sized Wisdom:

  • Weave learning into your everyday like it’s the hottest new TikTok dance. Groove with it but keep those eyes sharp.
  • Gadgets? Check. Effective note-taking? Double-check. Your playbook for faster, smarter insights.
  • Balance brain munchies (info consumption) with brain naps (introspection) to juice up creativity.

🎥 Show me how to Netflix and Nurture.

Phew! And just like that, we’re wrapping up this week’s enlightening edition of “3 Tidbits.” Will these little nuggets revolutionize your week? Maybe. Give you something fun to chat about? Heck yes.

Got here via a pal’s nudge? Fancy your own weekly dose of Nathan? Get on this rollercoaster of wisdom. 🎢

📩 Hook me up, Nathan!

Here’s to a week full of “huh, neat!” moments and the odd chuckle or two.

Stay quirky and curious,

~ Nathan 🎩

The author partially generated this content with GPT-4 & ChatGPT, Claude 3, OpenAI’s large-scale language-generation models. Upon developing the draft, the author reviewed, edited, and revised the content to their liking and took ultimate responsibility for the content of this publication.






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