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3 Things I Learned Last Week #3 – Happiness & Problems

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Life is a balance between peace and progress.

1. Happiness is something that we can create for ourselves, but it must be backed up by a mindset and philosophy.

The YouTube video I watched: Happiness Is A Skill (How To Get Out Of A Rut)

Main Takeaways

To make progress in life, it’s crucial to accept that discomfort is part of the human experience.

Happiness is a skill that can be developed with practice and a positive attitude. Focusing on peace or progress can help us stay present and give clarity to our actions. It’s essential to have a philosophy behind our goals and desires.

Experimentation and intensity can help us grow and develop personally.

During struggling times, self-experimentation and seeking new experiences are essential. We should identify gaps between us and our objectives and work towards them. We need to focus on the internal markets of health, wealth, relationships, and happiness to sustain high baselines and ensure long-term progress.

We need to be mindful that progress requires constant effort and maintenance.

“Pick your problems, pick your future.” ~ Seth Godin

2. The problems we choose to focus on and tackle will shape our future.

The article I read: Choosing your problems

Main Takeaways

Sometimes we tend to focus only on the problems that we know how to solve, and the ones that seem too hard or complicated, we simply ignore.

Problems don’t disappear just because we ignore them. In fact, they can grow and become even more challenging if we don’t take action quickly.

Sure, it’s easy and thrilling to solve the quick and urgent ones. But the long-term, difficult ones are the ones that can make a real difference in our lives.

Every problem we solve today creates a better tomorrow.

So next time you’re faced with a problem, even if it seems hard or overwhelming at first, take a deep breath and give it a shot. You never know what you might be capable of until you try!

When you’re present-focused, have something in the background to be excited about, and when you’re future-focused, do hard work and find a source of gratitude in the present moment.

3. Being Present-Focused vs Future-Focused

The YouTube video I watched: How To Enjoy The Moment While Planning A Deep Future

Main Takeaways

Finding a balance between living in the present moment versus planning for the future is a common struggle for many people. It’s essential to avoid getting too caught up in either approach.

During present-focused periods, having something to be excited about in the background can help individuals avoid becoming too immersed in enjoying the moment. Enjoying surroundings and focusing on things that interest you, such as running or monitoring the seasons, can be helpful, as was the case for the author during their post-doc years.

During future-focused periods, doing hard work, setting boundaries, and having a source of gratitude can help individuals stay focused while still enjoying the present moment. Striking a balance between both approaches can help individuals enjoy the present while still planning and preparing for their future.

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The author partially generated this content with GPT-4 & ChatGPT, Claude 3, OpenAI’s large-scale language-generation models. Upon developing the draft, the author reviewed, edited, and revised the content to their liking and took ultimate responsibility for the content of this publication.






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