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3 Things I Learned Last Week #25 – The Time-Block Triumph

Welcome to the 25th edition of “3 Things I Learned Last Week!” 🎉 (If you’re new here, just know this is the party where we dance with wisdom — no two-left-feet allowed).

Every week, I tango with various media forms (don’t be jealous). Why? To dazzle you with bits of brilliance and keep us both at the top of the smartypants ladder. So, grab a cuppa, maybe a biscuit, and let’s dive into this week’s gems. Also, if you’re feeling the love, share it.

A smart friend is a good friend.

Fresh from the oven of episode 261 of Cal Newport’s Podcast: The Rule So Simple It’ll Double Your Productivity. No, seriously.

Time-Blocking: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Organizing

Get this: time-blocking is like Tetris for adults. You’re fitting tasks into specific parts of your day.

The result? A day that’s as harmonious as your grandma’s Thanksgiving dinner (but without the weird uncle).

🎥 See how to Tetris your day right here.

Level-Up Time-Blocking: Master Mode Activated

Think you’ve got time-blocking down? Think again.

By adding in “autopilot” modes for those “ugh, not again” tasks and theming tasks like an Oscar-winning director, you’re headed straight for Pro Level. Oh, and remember to slot in those oh-so-needed chill moments.

🎥 Unlock the next level right here.

Autopilot but Make It Smart: Guiding Principles to Boss Life

Skip a task and feel guilty? Meet heuristic autopilot, AKA the GPS for life tasks. Instead of being that GPS voice constantly saying “Recalculating…,” it’s more like “Take the scenic route today.”

🎥 Get to know your new life GPS right here.

Bowing out from the “3 Things” stage, remember to stay nosy, keep asking “why?” and ensure your curiosity glass stays half full (or just top it off). Until next week, cheers to learning that doesn’t put you to sleep!

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Here’s to a week of lightbulb moments!

Catch you on the flip side,

~ Nathan

P.S. TL;DR: Time-blocking’s the bomb, advanced time-blocking’s even bomb-ier, and heuristic autopilot is your shiny new compass. All, courtesy of Mr. Newport’s podcast wisdom. 🚀

The author partially generated this content with GPT-4 & ChatGPT, OpenAI’s large-scale language-generation models. Upon developing the draft, the author reviewed, edited, and revised the content to their liking and took ultimate responsibility for the content of this publication.






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