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3 Things I Learned Last Week #23 – Simon Sinek’s Triple Treat

Welcome to the 23rd edition of “3 Things I Learned Last Week” (Or the “I’ve run out of Netflix shows so I better get educated” edition).

Grab your fanciest beverage, slide into your thinking slippers, and let’s delve into three goodies from my learning journey last week. Think of it as your own personal treasure chest, minus the need for a pirate accent. But hey, feel free to share with your mates (especially if they walk around with a parrot on their shoulder)!

This week’s jewels include:

  1. The Key to Giving Advice: A Cuppa Empathy with Simon Sinek
  2. How to Find Your “Why”: More Exciting Than a Treasure Hunt
  3. How to Self-Evaluate: Recognizing Strength Through Bear Wrestling… Err, Challenges

Shall we?

🔑 The Key to Giving Advice: An Empathetic Approach with Simon Sinek

Ever thought of giving advice but ended up sounding like a broken record player stuck on an old country song?

Simon Sinek to the rescue!

In this intriguing chinwag, Simon dishes out wisdom on leadership that’s juicier than grandma’s secret pie recipe.

His secret sauce? Approach change with curiosity rather than a megaphone and add a sprinkle of psychologically privileged language (whatever that means).

🎥 Watch the video and become an Advice Guru here.

🧭 How to Find Your “Why”: Understanding Your Origin Story

Looking for your “Why”? So are my lost car keys!

But here’s a trick to finding your “Why” – it’s like recognizing your own superhero origin story (but without the radioactive spiders).

Discovering your “Why” can be a blast with a friend, especially if they bring snacks. Plus, in business, it can help you connect with others without resorting to interpretive dance.

🎥 Watch the video and locate your inner “Why” here.

🌱 How to Self-Evaluate: Recognizing Strength Through Challenges

Simon Sinek offers a map to self-discovery, like finding your way out of a maze without breadcrumbs.

Learn about handling pressure (not the cooker) and surviving ADHD.

Plus, tap into post-traumatic growth and turn past traumas into your own superhero cape.

🎥 Watch the video and bulk up on strength here.

That wraps up this edition of “3 Things I Learned Last Week.” I hope this fuels your intellectual tank for the road ahead.

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Here’s to an inspiring week filled with accidental discoveries, a-ha moments, and zero paper jams!


~ Nathan

P.S. TLDR: This week’s wisdom:

  1. Don’t Preach, Connect: Simon Sinek’s advice on not being the preachy Uncle at family gatherings.
  2. Find Your “Why”: Like hide and seek, but with your soul’s GPS.
  3. Growing Through Challenges: Simon’s wisdom on turning life’s lemons into an empowering lemonade stand.

For a deep dive without the need for a snorkel, click those handy video links! 🐠

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