Hi, I’m Nathan

I’m a Web Developer based in Penang, Malaysia. I’m passionate about building web products using the latest web technologies, as well as sharing my knowledge with other Web geeks.

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( what do i do? )

I Build Web Application

I love building web application – which is why I spent most of my time helping clients developing exciting web projects using the latest web technologies, such as ReactJS, NodeJS & Firebase.

I Build WordPress Products

I started my career as a WordPress developer building and selling WordPress themes & plugins online. As of now, I have a few active products on CodeCanyon (the #1 online marketplace for WordPress plugins).

I Teach How to Code

Beside building web stuff for living, I also passionate in teaching, as well as sharing my programming knowledge at meetups, workshops, and bootcamps.

Contact me if you want to invite me for a talk or workshop at your school / organization / company.

I Speak at Tech Conferences

I also have the opportunity to speak at various tech conferences. If you want to invite me for a talk at your event, just drop me a line here

Latest Articles

Taking WordPress to Infinity and Beyond with ChatGPT API

Ah, the digital revolution. Just when you think you’ve caught up, something like ChatGPT waltzes in and says, “Tag, you’re it!” Especially if you’re in the WordPress world. This is not your everyday GPT-4 conversation; this is about automation that can drastically simplify your life and business processes. The ChatGPT Phenomenon ChatGPT has become more…

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The Best Developers are Problem Solvers, Not Just Coders

Picture this: you’re a chef. You know your way around every gizmo in your kitchen, and you could recite recipes in your sleep (even that incredibly complex French dessert that takes three days to prepare and is devoured in three minutes). Impressive, right? Well, let’s pump the brakes a bit, Gordon Ramsay. Just like in…

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Life of a Codepreneur: Learning to jump out of the plane and build a parachute on the way down

In today’s fast-paced digital jungle, a new breed of entrepreneurs has emerged: the “codepreneurs.” These rare, majestic creatures possess a unique combination of coding skills and entrepreneurial spirit. They use their talents to develop innovative solutions, disrupt industries, and create value in the marketplace like a tech-savvy David Copperfield. As codepreneurs embark on their wild…

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The “science” of learning programming

Feeling the rush of learning programming? Yeah, it’s like skydiving for your brain, right? But did you know, while you’re navigating the uncharted territories of code, your brain is doing some serious calisthenics? According to research, when we learn something new, our brains light up like a glitch-free LED screen 🎆 as we process and…

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Prompt Engineering 101: Mastering the Art of Crafting AI Prompts

In the fast-paced world of artificial intelligence (AI), understanding how to effectively communicate with AI language models is crucial. One way to achieve this is through prompt engineering, which is essentially the art of designing and refining prompts to get the best possible responses from AI models like GPT-4. This skill can help you unlock…

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